So you may have heard the news, we are relocating our Morningside and Blackhall Stores. The stores may be ceasing collections but we will still be delivering to the majority of the postcodes in that area. Please check out our socials and website and the below to see all our postcode areas. We will ensure that if we can make it to you we will. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers and fans for your continued support it does mean a lot. We will continue to deliver you great authentic quality food and service with a smile.

Morningside Area: EH1 2/ EH3 1/ EH3 7/ EH3 8 /EH3 9/ EH11 1/EH14 1/EH9 1/ EH9 2/ EH9 3/ EH9 8/ EH10 4/ EH10 5/ EH10 6/ EH10 7/ EH10 9/EH13 0/ EH16 5/ EH16 6/ EH16/ 9/ EH17 8/ EH99 1

Blackhall Area: EH4 1/ EH4 2/ EH4 3/ EH4 4/ EH4 5/ EH4 6/ EH4 7/ EH4 9/ EH5 1/EH5 2/EH5 3/EH11 2/EH12 1 EH12 5/ EH12 6

The La Fav team